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I have always hated working some days. For many reason eg I dont feel like talking to anyone, I hate everyone i work with today, I feel lazy, I wanna be out instead of working etc…

Well My solution to all this is having positive energy in my self not letting anyone else around me effect the way i feel no matter what happens. Enjoying through out whole day. Have a laugh with other people if others dont feeling like laughing laugh about it in your head. Think about good times you had ignore all bad thoughts and memories.

Say to my self i’m going to show everyone i can go through out all day no matter how hectic it goes that makes me happy and positive of my self and i dont care about anyone else.

Fuck everyone else not worth letting you down. No matter how busy work gets im keeping calm and positive. When i show positive attitude it will pass through to other people. Making them feel stupid for feeling so depressed, angry etc…

I enjoy life. I dont Care what others do and say. I DO it my way. AND I love everything i have achieved.

You live once. god didn’t create us to stress I believe he created us to find the best way of our self and go through out life enjoying it and doing the right thing.

No need to stress or hate. Just Love and Enjoy


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